Sample Ceremony

Justice of the Peace,
​State of Connecticut

Eileen Coladarci

The following is a basic ceremony which give you, as a couple, a starting point for your own special ceremony. I will work with you to include the words necessary to make your day yours.

We are here to join you, _____________ and ____________, in marriage and to share in the joy of this special occasion which should be one of the most memorable and happy days of your life. 

On this day of your marriage you stand within the charmed circle of your love, and this is as it should be. But love is not meant to be the possession of two people alone.  Rather it would serve as a source of common energy, as a form in which you find the strength to live your lives with courage.  From this day forward you will come closer together than ever before, you must love one another in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, but at the same time your love should give you strength to stand apart, to seek out your unique destinies, to make your special contribution to the world which is always part of us and more than us. and other words about love and commitment.

Optional ceremonies such as the unity candle, sand, knot, wine, chocolate or many more.

Being assured that you are aware of the meaning of this ceremony, I will now ask you to repeat the marriage vows.

Do you, ____________, take this man/woman, ____________, to be your lawful wedded ____, to love, to honor and cherish him/her in sickness and in health, through times of happiness and uncertainty, until death do you part? (Place the ring upon her finger and repeat after me.)  With this ring, I thee wed, and forever pledge my devotion.

Double Ring Ceremony

Traditionally, the marking of the passage to status of husband and wife is marked by the exchange of rings. These rings are a symbol of the unbroken circle of love. Love freely given has no beginning and no end, no giver and no receiver, for each is the giver and each is the receiver. 

Single Ring Ceremony - words will be modified

No Ring Ceremony

I will now ask you to join hands.

By the act of joining hands you take to yourself the relation of husband and wife and solemnly promise to love, honor, comfort and cherish each other so long as you both shall live.  Therefore, in accordance with the law of the State of Connecticut and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the law of Connecticut I do pronounce you husband and wife.

Close of the Ceremony
You came to me as two single people and you will now leave as a married couple, united to each other by the binding contract you have just entered.  Your cares, your worries, your pleasures and your joys you must share with each other. 

You may now kiss the bride.

All ceremonies will be written for the couple and will include words to reflect their wishes.