Frequently Asked Questions

Eileen Coladarci

What is a Justice of the Peace? According to Wikipedia, A Justice of the Peace (JP) is a judicial officer appointed by means of a commission to keep the peace. Depending on the jurisdiction, they might dispense summary justice and deal with local administrative applications in common law jurisdictions. Justices of the Peace are appointed from the citizens of the jurisdiction in which they serve, and are (or were) usually not required to have a formal legal education in order to qualify for the office. Some jurisdictions have varying forms of training for JPs (for example Queensland Australia, and the UK). In Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont, Justices of the Peace have the same general oath giving powers as a notary public.

Question: Can marriages be performed by justices of the peace anywhere in Connecticut? 
Answer: A Justice of the Peace can perform a marriage in any town in Connecticut. The marriage license must be issued by the registrar of vital statistics in the town in which the marriage will take place.

Question: Can a justice of the peace perform marriages out of State? 
Answer: No. The Justice of the Peace has jurisdiction only in Connecticut. Eileen will research a State's laws if requested and will work with the couple to make a wedding happen.

Question: Are blood test required in Connecticut in order to apply for a marriage license? 
Answer: No blood test is required. Did you know that Connecticut was one of the last states to require premarital syphilis and rubella screening? The state finally heeded the counsel of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and repealed mandatory blood tests effective October 1, 2003.

Question: How long is a Marriage License valid in Connecticut. 
Answer: The marriage license is valid and a ceremony may be performed within a period of not more than (65) sixty-five days after the date of a completed application.

Question: Do we need any witnesses present at our ceremony? 
Answer: No. Connecticut law does not require that witnesses be present at your ceremony.

Question: Do we need rings
Answer: No. While they are traditional, rings are not required.

Question: Can we select or write our own vows? 
Answer: Absolutely. I have a number of samples available from which you may choose. If you prefer, you can write your own words.

Question: Do we have to speak at the ceremony? 
Answer: Only if you want to. You can get away with as little as just saying, I do.

Question: Can others be included in the ceremony? 
Answer: Definitely. There are many ways to include family members and friends in the ceremony. For example, your loved ones can do readings, walk down the aisle, carry the rings, participate in a candle lighting, and more.

Question: Can we include both Christian and Jewish traditions? 
Answer: Definitely. We can also include any other special traditions you desire, or we can omit any religious reference.

Question: Where can the ceremony be held? 
Answer: Anywhere you want in the State of Connecticut - outdoors, at your home, in my home or at local town attractions. (Please check with local town officials for availability and requirements) The couple must apply for their license in the town in which the ceremony was to take place. Each town has different hours and rules. I will often do the research for the town clerk for you. After the ceremony, I will return the completed license to the town where the marriage took place by the first week of the month following the marriage. I will most often return the license to the Town Hall by the next business day.

Question: Does my name automatically change? 
Answer: If you plan to use your married name at work, be sure to have your name changed in Social Security records. This way, you will get credit for all your earnings. It's easy and it's absolutely free. Contact Social Security Online to locate your local office. You will need documentary evidence showing both your old name and your new name (birth certificate and certified marriage license from Town Clerk).

Question: How can I save a date?
Answer: You can make a down payment of $25 either by check to me or by adding the down payment price of $25 to the PayPal cart shown here. Please contact me at to confirm that your date is available (add wedding to the subject line).

Question: What information should I provide to book a date?
Answer: I will need to know both names, if you are exchanging rings, if you already have the license, where the ceremony will be held, do you want a unity ceremony and will you be including additional people in the ceremony (readers, children, others.) I will work with you to create the perfect ceremony for the two of you.

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I will send you a contract via email with details, the date to apply for your license and confirmation of a date and location.


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